Miele Canister Vacuum Cleaners with AirClean FilterBags

Our selection of Miele C3 canister vacuum cleaners use high-quality AirClean filterbags to provide our customers with an exceptional level of cleaning performance and convenience with Miele's first-class quality. These Miele AirClean vacuum bags ensure your home gets truly clean and can be replaced without releasing any dust to make sure your cleaning efforts are completely hygienic.

Miele Marin Vacuums

Battery Powered Miele Vacuum Options

For those customers looking for something more compact or versatile, Miele's battery-powered stick vacuum cleaners are the perfect go-to option for quick clean ups. They provide additional flexibility thanks to their cordless design and can be quickly converted for handheld use to vacuum areas beyond the floor. With their high-quality replaceable battery options, you can even clean multiple spots and large areas in one go.

Miele Cordless Stick Vacuum

Why Should You Consider Getting a Miele Vacuum?

With over 90 years of creating vacuums, Miele has built a reputation for quality. Their selection of vacuums, from canister, uprights, and modern stick styles would be a great addition for any household. For people with pets, or allergies, Miele's line of filterbag vacuums is one of the go-to recommendations for cleaning quality. Their extensive HEPA filtering bags offer exceptional air hygiene locks in allergens and irritants.

Miele Vacuums: A Cut Above Your Average Vacuum Cleaners

When the quality of your cleaning efforts matters our selection of Miele vacuum cleaners provide an excellent standard of hygiene thanks to their innovative dust filtration system. And Miele's legacy of first-class quality means a long-lasting product. Be sure to extend the life of your Miele vacuum with regular maintenance: changing your bags and filters as need to save on potential repair costs. But don't worry, we also offer a wide selection of replacement vacuum parts to keep your equipment going strong.

What Are the Benefits of a Miele Vacuum?

Is a Miele vacuum cleaner really worth it? If you are looking for a high level of hygienic clean then we’d say the answer is an emphatic yes! But here are just a few more reasons to consider investing in a Miele vacuum:

  • Simple to use: Miele's line of filterbag canister vacuums excel at cleaning allergens. Their canister models and stick vacuums offer a lightweight and easy-to-use design that much of competition does not have.
  • Exceptional suction power: Miele vacuums provide fantastic suction power that allows you to get those hard to reach spaces thanks to their brush design. Plus, you'll never have to worry about pet hair and dander getting left behind.
  • Quiet performance: Even with all that power Miele vacuums are very quiet for their class.
  • Long-lasting build quality: Even the most rough and tumble households have met their match when it comes to a Miele vacuum. Their high-quality casing is exceptionally durable, and the hose is highly resistant to crimping or bending while remaining flexible.
  • All-purpose: Miele's canister and stick vacuums perform equally great on both carpet and hardwood floors, and Miele has a reputation as the top brand for use on hardwood floors.