Miele Vacuum
Vacuum-Outlet.com began in 1997 as one of many websites selling vacuum cleaners and related parts.  As time went on, we were among those who thrived by focusing on selling only quality vacuums and the bags, filters and parts that people were looking for.

In July 2020, Vacuum Cleaner Hospital in Chapel Hill, NC acquired the website from the founder of Vacuum-Outlet. We continue the strong customer service tradition started over 23 years and build on that foundation with increased inventory and knowledgeable employees to personally answer your questions to assist with your purchase.

A brand new website design debuted in November 2020 to make navigating the site even easier as a commitment to both new and our thousands of existing customers.  Whether this is your first time shopping with us or you’re one of many satisfied customers, we appreciate your support of small business and say thank you! 

Vacuum Cleaner Hospital has been in business since 1986 and has a beautiful showroom we invite you to visit if you’re in our area.  We’re committed to seeing Vacuum Outlet thriving for another 23 years and beyond – with your support!