(This page is for uprights. If you need canister parts, use the canister chart.)

If you have the name or model number of your Miele upright, simply scroll down and follow the link to go straight to the page showing the correct bags, belts, filters, and other parts (with pictures) for your vacuum.

Here is how to find the model name of your Miele upright:
In this example, the customer has a Miele Jazz.

(Important: A 300..1200 W designation is NOT a model number, but motor wattage.)



Search By Model Name:

Miele AutoEco Parts
Miele Bolero Parts
Miele Calypso Parts
Miele Cat&Dog Parts
Miele Freshair Parts
Miele Jazz Parts
Miele Maverick Parts
Miele Salsa Parts
Miele Swing Parts
Miele Tango Parts
Miele Twist Parts


Search By Model Number:

Miele U1 Cat&Dog
Miele U1 Jazz
Miele U1 Maverick

Miele S7210 Twist

Miele S7260 Cat&Dog

Miele S7280 Calypso 
Miele S7280 FreshAir
Miele S7280 Jazz
Miele S7280 Salsa

Miele S7580 AutoEco
Miele S7580 Bolero
Miele S7580 Swing 
Miele S7580 Tango

Using the cross reference chart above, you can easily find the  Miele model name or number of your vacuum, and go straight to the page to see the correct vacuum bags, belts, HEPA filters, and parts we have in stock for YOUR Miele upright.