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We Stock the following bags, belts, filters, and parts for your Miele Swing vacuum.

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The Miele Swing S7580 was the flagship model of the upright line, with every tech feature Miele had created built into this model.

First, it had the metallic 'soft touch' finish. Secondly, the Swing included the features their deluxe uprights included, such as sealed H.E.P.A. filtration (including a timer that let you know exactly when to replace your filter).

Rounding out the features were the pushbutton motor controls including an 'automatic' setting that let the vacuum choose your power setting for you. It also included two extra attachments (shown in the pic) to help justify the higher price tag.

The Miele Swing is discontinued. The best choice at the moment would be the Miele Cat & Dog upright, for several hundred dollars less and only sacrificing some of the 'bells and whistles' electronics.

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