Miele Twist Bags, Belts, Filters, and Parts

We Stock the following bags, belts, filters, and parts for your Miele Twist vacuum.

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The Miele Twist S7210 (later u1) 'sprint blue' colored upright was the introductory, lowest cost machine in their lineup.

The Twist did not have the headlight system. The original version did not have any motor speed controls (keeping the cost down), although that feature was added to later versions.

Also keeping the cost down was the exclusion of an included HEPA filter. (Although the Super Air Clean filter included can be replaced with a HEPA filter.)

All items on this page will work with both the S7210 and U1 versions of the Twist.

The budget Twist has been replaced by the similar Miele Maverick upright.

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All parts on this page will fit your Miele Twist.