We have many customers who have recently installed the newest (and expensive) fad in carpeting - referred to as 'soft carpeting'.

The reason these carpets are so soft is that the fibers are longer, and there are many more of them. While they are great to walk across (customers love the feeling of sinking into them), many people are disappointed to find out, after installation and a large outlay of cash, that their current vacuum no longer works - because it sinks into the carpeting, also.

'It bogged down so much the motor burned up.'
'It sinks right into the carpet, making it impossible to push.'
'You can hear the motor straining, and it just does not pick anything up.'

We've had customers who have told us they have bought (and returned) as many as 6 different vacuum cleaners from stores - all different major brands and styles of vacuums - and they simply would not work on their newer carpeting in which they had invested thousands of dollars.

We've had success (and many happy new customers) by putting together the correct system for them. This requires a large powerhead on a canister which includes oversized wheels, a proper design with adequate airflow, and adequate height adjustments.

Now, with a vacuum that includes an industry first 2 settings just for soft carpeting, Miele has made it even simpler with the new Miele Soft Carpet model, which when purchased from Vacuum Outlet includes a free extended warranty (giving you 10 years of piece of mind), free shipping, and no sales tax. (A payment plan with payments as low as $50 a month is also available.)