Kirby Vacuum Cleaners - Refurbished/Reconditioned - FREE SHIPPING

VACUUM OUTLET is your internet source for reconditioned Kirby vacuum cleaners because we take great pride in the quality of every system we sell.

The current "Avalir" model, along with the previous models (Sentria, Ultimate G, GSix) are virtually identical in function except for trim color, giving you a choice of several colors and price ranges.

Our quality machines are completely tested, disassembled, cleaned, reconditioned and tested again to insure YOUR satisfaction.

What You Get With Our Kirby Vacuums

A Kirby vacuum cleaner system with the complete GENUINE (not 'generic' like our competitors often substitute) attachment set. These machines have been completely cleaned and reconditioned - they include many new parts such as electric cord, brushrolls, etc.

The carpet shampooer system is included.

Instructions included.

Free five-year motor warranty provided by Vacuum Outlet, a company with over two decades of selling vacuums nationwide.

Models currently in stock are shown below:

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