Miele Brilliant Vacuum - C3 Complete

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The Miele Brilliant is Miele's top of the line C3 series fullsize canister, designed for those who demand the best of the best. It features a durable ABS housing with a crushproof hose, along with some upgraded convenience features.

WARRANTY: You'll also get a 10 year manufacturer's both the motor and housing, along with a 5 year parts and labor warranty covering other items.

FILTRATION: The Miele Brilliant comes from the factory with the sealed HA-50 Active HEPA filter already installed.


This vacuum uses the large 9-ply Miele GN bags, and with the completely sealed Miele S8 series design, you'll have the best filtration of any vacuum on the market.

ATTACHMENTS: The Brilliant has three attachments which store right inside the vacuum: a dusting brush, crevice tool, and upholstery tool. They include Miele's best bristles (natural horsehair) and are ready to go to work whenever you need them.

HARD FLOOR TOOL: For starters, the Brilliant is packaged with Miele's largest parquet floor brush, the SBB 400-3 . Much larger than the cheap floor tools you've seen on other vacuums, you'll be able to cover large areas quickly.

CARPET TOOL: The Miele Brilliant is also packaged with Miele's best power nozzle.

The SEB 236 is their heavy duty power nozzle - rock solid, almost 15 inches wide (for cleaning large areas fast), has 6 carpet height settings to handle any carpet imaginable, and has an LED headlight (no bulbs to change). It's the perfect choice for homes with large, open areas of carpeting, and combined with the Miele Brilliant, this is Miele's flagship system, the best of the best.

PERFORMANCE: The Vortec motor provides 150 c.f.m. of cleaning power.

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