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Miele Upholstery Tool - Canister
Miele STB 305-3 Turbohead
Miele STB 305-3 Turbohead
Sale price$142
Miele Parquet Floor Tool (New Version)
Save 25%
Miele SES-131 Vacuum Cleaner HoseMiele SES-131 Vacuum Cleaner Hose
Miele SES-131 Vacuum Cleaner Hose
Sale price$269.95 Regular price$359.90
Miele SET-220 Wand (SET220)Miele SET-220 Wand (SET220)
Miele SET-220 Wand (SET220)
Sale price$129.95
Miele SEB-236 Electro Premium PowerheadMiele SEB-236 Electro Premium Powerhead
Miele 1-Dusting Brush - Canister
Miele 2-Dusting Nylon Brush - Canister
Save 4%
Miele GN Performance Pack - Brilliant (16 bags and HEPA filter)Miele GN Performance Pack - Brilliant (16 bags and HEPA filter)
Save 8%
Miele Brilliant Vacuum BagsMiele Brilliant Vacuum Bags
Miele Brilliant Vacuum Bags
Sale price$22.99 Regular price$24.99

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