Miele Soft Carpet Vacuum C3 Complete Review

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*This model is no longer available*

The Miele Soft Carpet canister shares important features with others in the C3 series, such as a Durable ABS housing, a lightweight skeletal frame, a crushproof electrified hose, and a 360 degree soft bumper designed to protect your walls and furntiture.

Along with a 7-Year manufacturer's warranty on the outstanding Vortec motor and the casing, the rest of the Soft Carpet model is also constructed from quality materials - your investment will take care of your home cleaning needs for many, many years.



The Miele Soft Carpet includes comes with the sealed HA-50 HEPA filter installed. Combined with the completely sealed design of the C3 series housing and new Miele GN AirClean bags, you'll have the best filtration available today from ANY vacuum.




The Soft Carpet model includes a dusting brush, crevice tool, and upholstery tool, and all store inside the canister, right at your fingertips, always ready when you need them.



The Soft Carpet includes Miele's best SBB 300-3 parquet brush . Made from the highest quality materials, this tool has a swivel neck and a much larger surface area than other floor tools, so you spend less time cleaning.





 The Miele Soft Carpet comes packaged with a special version SEB-228 heavy duty power nozzle, which has a 15 inch width and 5 carpet height settings to handle any carpet surface. Exclusive to this model, two of the settings are specially designed for the softer, more expensive carpets manufactured recently. If you've had problems with other vacuums bogging down or sinking into the carpet, that is the problem this model was designed to eliminate!


The German made Miele Vortec motor provides 150 c.f.m. of cleaning power.



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